Recover contacts, messages, photos from broken Galaxy S7, S6, S5, S4, S3, Note 4, Note 3, Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Phone Broken

Last week, I dropped my Galaxy S5 and cracked the screen, but the phone still worked. I have bought a new Galaxy S6 and want to copy the contacts, photos and other files from Galaxy S5 to my new device. When I connect the phone to Kies, it says that the phone is locked. I can’t unlock the phone since the screen doesn’t work. Can I control my Galaxy S5 from my computer? Or is there any other way to get the files off my old Galaxy S5 without having to use the touchscreen?

— Adam

I cracked my Galaxy S4 screen due to my carelessness. When I tried to turn it on the screen was completely black. The phone still vibrates and lights up when I get a message or turn it on but the screen remains black. I decide to buy a new Android phone, and want to know if I can access and recover music, pictures, contacts, and messages on my old Galaxy S4.

— Cecilia

The screen of my Galaxy S3 is broken. It doesn’t display anything. I tried to use Kies to connect and save my photos and videos that are in the internal memory, but Kies says: “Device is locked”. I then tried to type the unlock-code on the Galaxy S3, but I can’t get it unlocked. Anyone who knows how to save my photos to my computer?

— Bill

Samsung Galaxy Phone Broken

Galaxy Phone Data Recovery

Nobody wants to be in a situation where your Android phone fell off your hands or while getting out of car you dropped it on the floor and its screen broke up. However, unexpected accident always comes without your permission. Accidental drops are the most common reason of the broken smartphones, while being submerged in water (tub, sink, toiled, etc) is the second most common reason.

How to deal with your broken phone? Most people opt to repair or replace them, some people continue using phones with cracked screens and a small proportion of people tape them as a temporary repair, likely trying to avoid the cost of replacing the phone before it was time to switch to a new phone. Keeping phone data complete is important once your phone broken, and Samsung Galaxy Recovery provides an excellent way to recover your Galaxy phone data.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Recovery for Windows Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Recovery for Mac

Samsung Galaxy Recovery can recover deleted or lost contacts, text messages, call logs, whatsapp messages, audio, videos, photos and documents from any Android smartphones or tablets, the newly-released Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are supported. Samsung Galaxy Recovery supports recover Android data in almost all situations:
√ Accidentally deleted data – recover deleted data on Android device.
√ Broken screen – recover the data if Android phone screen broken.
√ Black screen – recover the data if Android phone screen black(can’t restart to normal).
√ Damaged Android devices – retrieve data if can’t access to Android device’s system.
√ microSD card data recovery – retrieve data stored on microSD card if Android device dead.

Recover contacts/messages/photos from broken Galaxy S7/S6/S5/S4/S3/Note 4/Note 3/Note 2

How to recover data from broken Galaxy phone? You can refer to this guide:
Recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S5.