Galaxy Photo Recovery, recover missing photo/video from Galaxy phone

Are you a Galaxy phone user? there should be lots of photos stored in your gallery. If you have noticed that some pictures in your Galaxy phone gallery are missing, you might accidentally deleted or hidden them. It is also possible that it is an effect of a glitch in your Android OS or app.

To find your missing pictures, you can do as below recommendations.

1. Restart Galaxy Phone

Perhaps your Galaxy phone system needs to be refreshed after a long-time use. So, try to restart your Galaxy phone to see if it works.

Restart Galaxy Phone

2. Check Hidden Photos

Perhaps you have hidden the photos of your Galaxy phone by accident, or this may be caused by someone who gained access to your Galaxy phone without your knowledge like your child. So, you’d better check if the missing photos or folders are hidden by performing as below steps:
? Open the My Files app located in the Home screen.
? Press the Menu key and go to Settings.
? Check the box that will show the hidden files of your Galaxy phone.
? If you want to remove the status of the file as hidden, just remove the quotes (the “and” symbols) before and after its file name.

Check Hidden Photos

3. Restore Photos from Kies Backup

You may still can’t find your photos after Galaxy phone restart, and you haven’t hidden them on your device. But luckily you have backed your Galaxy phone up with Samsung Kies, well, you can restore your missing photos with Samsung Kies or Kies 3.

Restore Photos from Kies Backup

4. Recover missing photos with Galaxy Recovery software

If the above 3 methods all fail, don’t freak out, there is still a possibility to recover your lost photos. You can have a try of Galaxy Recovery – a professional data recovery software for Android users to recover their deleted or lost files such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, music, whatsapp chats and documents. You can refer this guide to recover Galaxy phone missing photos: How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung Galaxy Photo Recovery for Windows Samsung Galaxy Recovery for Mac

Recover missing photos with Galaxy Recovery software