Backup & Restore Galaxy phone S Memo, S Note and Memo files

Samsung Galaxy Phone S Memo, S Note and Memo Apps

S Memo app lets you create notes using the keyboard or using your finger as a pen to draw or write, or both. You can add pictures, voice memos, videos and much more. By choosing from predefined templates or start with a blank note, you can quickly share your thoughts and ideas with others. The S Memo is used on Galaxy S3, S4.

s-note S Note app offers a quick and convenient way to create, edit and manage notes on your Samsung mobile device and computer. With it, you can sign in to your Samsung account or Evernote account to access S Note from anywhere. By synchronising your mobile device with your PC you can make all note files will be immediately available on your PC anytime, anywhere.The S Note is used on Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, Note 3, Note 2. Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Note 8.0.

Memo application allows you to write memos that can include text, audio and images. It is a note taking app, originally designed specifically for Galaxy Note, later used on Samsung Galaxy S5.

Backup and Restore Galaxy phone memos to PC with Samsung Kies

Do you often take notes with S Memo or S Note in daily life? Perhaps you have a lot of notes and fear of losing them if your Galaxy phone broken, crashed or stolen. So, memos backup is necessary to avoid important data loss. Kies and Kies 3 are developed by Samsung to backup, restore, transfer, and manage your Samsung galaxy device data on Windows or Mac PC. With Kies or Kies 3, you can backup S Memo, S Note or Memos to computer, and restore the data to your device when need it.


1. Launch Kies or Kies 3, connect your device to PC, and select your mobile device name under Connected devices.
2. Select the Data backup tab from the Back up/Restore tab at the top right of the Kies or Kies 3 screen.
3. Select the item you want to back up and click the Back up button. The backup process will commence on the PC.

To recover Memos to device, select a data file you want to restore from the list of backup files. You can click Find file button at the bottom to browse and select a file manually, then select Memo item and click the Restore button.